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Ebay kleinanzeigen

Ebay Kleinanzeigen

Ebay Kleinanzeigen

Ebay Kleinanzeigen

Ebay Kleinanzeigen

The course application design one deals with the redesign of an existing mobile application. We chose ebay kleinanzeigen. The app is used to purchase or sell products, offer services and real estate. The app can be used in everyday life, and in any situation. The requirements to use are access to the Internet and a mobile phone. We focused on the user guidance, the appearance and the design in general. We thought about how to make these points better and also looked at the opportunities and challenges we saw in the project.




Application Design I

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Problems and goals

The aim is to achieve a more appealing and serious appearance of the app through reduced colouring and a more minimalist surface. We also want to bring consistency to the design of the app. The buyer should feel more comfortable. More transparency should be provided. The operation of the app should be more intuitive. And finally, the redesign should create a higher recognition value.

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Since the existing application does not have a splash screen, we felt it necessary to integrate it into our redesign. We used a bright green tone and a muted blue as acent colors with a gradients.

Navigation bar

In order to ensure a better handling, we used a navigation bar with different icons to have the most important points always in the access. The Advertise button is highlighted on the navigation bar as it is one of the most important points of the application.

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Startscreen & categories

The startscreen now has a much clearer and more sortet appearance. The categories are now easier to read because of the images and the color gradient we added.

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The process of posting an ad

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Post something

If you want to advertise something you will be guided through this process and get clear instructions what to do. The process starts with the query "what do you want to post?". 

You also have the opportunity for a specific search. You only have to type in what especially you are looking for, and choose a category.

Take pictures

The next step in the process of posting an ad is to take pictures, or choose some you already took. The camera mode of our redesign displays the amount of pictures you took, the navigation is more intuitive and more sorted.


Product description

Compared to the product description of the old design, we now have the possibility to specify the articles condition. You can choose in beween six different states.

Compared to the product description of the old design, we now have the possibility to specify the articles condition. You can choose in beween six different states.

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The search process

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Filter & search

In the filter section the user is now able to indicate a prize range and the range in which he wants to look for a product with simple sliders.

The search screen now has the function to delete Filter options by easily klicking the X in the left corner.

Product view

In a detailed view of a product, we clearly separated the title and price from the description to create a better hierarchy. You also now see the condition of the item, the seller could choose in the insert process. We also added a map view of the seller's location to allow instant navigation and more transparency. We also added information about shipping options and their costs.

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Send & accept an offer

The new in chat function of our re design offers the buyer the possibility to send a price offer to the seller. The seller can now decide if he accepts the offer, rejects it, or sends a counterproposal. This facilitates the price negotiations, which have taken place until now in the chat process, and allows a faster agreement on a price.

Customer satisfaction

We decided to overhaul the reviewsystem by adding more aspects to it. The user has now the ability to see how the seller "behaves". If he is friendly, a fast responder or how fast a package takes to get to you. Instead of three different rating states we added two more and also decided to include a ranking system which ranks gives sellers a badge to determine a degree of trustworthiness.

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