The way of the prosthesis

The way of the prosthesis

The way of the prosthesis

The way of the prosthesis

The way of the prosthesis

This is an interactive communication system with the intention of conveying knowledge about the subject of prosthetics in an easily understandable way, by means of a story. The viewer is personally involved and can move through nine different areas.




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Linear narrative strand

Our idea was to convey the content via a linear narrative strand. The focus is on one person which shows the way to the prosthesis, including the production and the first fitting. Also the additional Information and a projection should be integrated in this strand. The aspect of the history is an optional information for those who are deeper interested in.


Animation concept

Our inspiration for the operating principle of our interactive communication system came from a one pager website where you started an animation by scrolling. However, the operating principle changed from scrolling to typing due to the implementation possibilities.

The protagonist

As already mentioned, we decided to explain the way to the prosthesis by means of an avatar. This makes the story more personal and the viewer more gripped by the subject. That's the reason why the Avatar got a name: Theo

In order to make the story more authentic, the avatar was given appropriate clothing for each situation. We used a graphic from and modified it according to our requirements.

theo groß_1
Element 10
Group 2


It starts with Theo introducing himself to the viewer. He is waving and invites to accompany him on his journey how he got a prosthesis.


In the first location the protaginist lies in a hospital bed. Here he tells what happened to him but also what the main reasons for an amputation are.

Group 3 Copy 2
theo kh
amput höhen
Group 3 Copy 3


Here Theo tells at which height his arm had to be amputated, and the user also gets an overview of the different amputation heights of an arm.


After the operation you accompany him during his rehabilitation. Here he has to do exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of his arm. Furthermore, the end of the arm is prepared for a prosthesis.

Group 3 Copy 4
myo test
Group 3 Copy 5


In the myotest, it is found out whether the amputee can wear a myoelectric prosthesis and control it with his muscles. In Theos case it works luckily, and the prosthesis can be made.


During the fabrication process, the viewer is given a rough insight into the individual steps in the fabrication of a prosthesis.

Group 3 Copy 6
herstellung neu
Group 3 Copy 7


During the first fitting we wanted to break the concept of linear storytelling a bit. It was to be implemented as a small game in which the viewer himself could put on the necessary parts in the correct order. The amputee gives tips through speech bubbles if you are wrong.

Intermediate screens

In order to signal a change of location or theme to the viewer, we created suitable intermediate screens. On these you can see the new scene as well as its title.

Krankenhaus Copy 13
Dehnen 1 Copy
Custom Preset Copy 23
Custom Preset 1 Copy
Spiel Start Copy




Our goal was to emotionally involve the viewer and offer the possibility to experience for himself how it could be to have a prosthesis. In the projection mode you can choose between two projections. The inner life of the human hand and a prosthesis. The viewer should be able to switch freely between these projections.

Place your hand

In the prototype, the dotted line invites the viewer to place his hand on the corresponding spot. He can then switch between the two projection photos. In the concept we have thought of using sensors to detect how large the viewer's hand is and to adjust the projection size accordingly.

History of the prosthesis

In this section you can navigate through the history of the prosthesis. Our journey through time begins 1000 B.C. and continues to the present. In the content we concentrated on the most important events and innovations in relation to the prosthesis.



In order to pick up the viewer immediately, in which age he ist at the moment, the figure on the screen got a suitable headgear. The body part, which was replaced by the prosthesis, was highlighted in colour to enable it to be located quickly.

mockup geschichte

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