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An interaction designer based in Stuttgart Germany. Currently I am looking for a new possibility to bring in my skills.

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Nürtingen (GER)





design & me.

When it comes to...

...interaction design

As an interaction designer it is important for me, to develop well though-out and meaningful products and services.
In every project it is always exciting to dig into a new topic, develop and refine concepts on the basis of In-depth research and testings, as well as empathizing with the end users, understand their needs, motives and decisions.
With the idea to create an appealing design, and thus generating added value and joy when using the product. at the same time to bring function and aesthetics in harmony. 


...my character

The people around me appreciate me as a very empathetic and communicative person with a positive attitude. I strive to always be friendly, reliable and respectful.  

...my interests

It gives me pleasure to learn new programs and methods as well as to face new tasks and challenges in order to expand my horizon and to leave the comfort zone.

...my skills

I would say that I am an ambitious and determined person with a high level of critical faculties. It is easy for me to familiarize myself with new tasks, programs and processes.

...programs I use


Concept & Ideation

Miro is the platform I use when it comes to collecting ideas and quickly sketching some notes down.


Figma and Sketch are the programs I use most when it comes to designing an interface. If these are not enough I like to use Principal to create a clickable prototype.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe creative cloud and its wide variety of programs are involved in almost every project I do. The most of the times I use: After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

3D & Animation

For 3D & animation, creating mockups, short animated scenes or just playing around and trying to create something interesting I use Cinema 4D.

from design.

When I'am not designing, you can find me...


...doing sport

Sport is very important to me. The best place to switch off and concentrate on myself and my body is the gym or while doing yoga.

...listening to music

Listening to music always makes my day, doesn't matter if outside at home or while working. What I like the most is funk and soul music, that never gets boring to me.


...crafting things

Sometimes I miss it to build something with my hands, so I often devote my free time to a craft project. In general i like to make new things from old or restore things.

...trying out new stuff

I often try myself with new things. No matter whether handicraft artistically or in the digital area. Such as modeling something, the molding or sneaker customization.



Getting to know new places, people and cultures while travelling is always very inspiring to me. It also helps staying open minded and to improve the language skills.

...collecting sneakers

Collecting shoes also belongs to me. The grab of rare shoes or ones that I like very much. If you ask me how many I own I can only say, there is not yet needed an extra room :)


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